I have not yet had time to write up many of the DMX projects that I have built. I will problably write them up in the order of popularity, and simplicity, so please email me if you are interested in a project that has not yet been written up.

USB DMX Interface

A cheap and efficient USB interface to allow 512 channels of DMX to be sent and received simultaniously.

DMX Relay

A Simple 3 channel DMX output board, great for controlling smoke machines and the like.

DMX to Analogue

A Simple 8 channel DMX to 0-10v analogue output board.

Simple LED DMX Tester

Microchip PIC programmer for the Mac

Simple programming header and software to use an ICD2 on with an Apple Mac.

Recently I have been thinking about other projects that I could design. If your interested in these, then let me know, it might just give me the motivation to build them.

  • DMX strobe interface
  • DMX Diagnostics, with a simple LCD readout.
  • Generic DMX module (RX / TX), to enable people to build their own projects.
  • DMX Dimmer pack.
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